The company

We are TULIPA, a company founded in 1976 whose main objective is to adapt products range and knowledge to the customers needs.

With a wide experience in the sector we offer a service of excellence and we are proud to work with the maximum quality and rigor, always focusing on the monitoring of the market trends.

We commit ourselves to work with dedication and love so we can, together, achieve better results in the future.

Our services

From colors, to shades, forms and reliefs, the production techniques and the finishes, in TULIPA the combinations are endless.
We offer to all our customers decorative and utilitarian ceramics, in terracotta, earthenware and stoneware.

Our clients

With great professionalism and seriousness, TULIPA conquered a wide range of markets in Europe and in countries of other continents, like the USA and Japan.

In Europe, customers come mainly from BelgiumSpain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, Greece, Russia, the Netherlands and Denmark.